The Touchless Vacuum for an Easy Clean

Keep Your Home’s Floors Clean

NeoVac Elite is a quick cleanup vaccumm that boasts a stylish design that compliments any space. Featuring a powerful 1000 Watt motor and high-efficiency air filter, it’s perfect for quick cleans, spills, and maintenance cleaning without kicking up dust.HSN Featured Product

Return Clean Air to Your Home

NeoVac’s high efficiency Dual Filtration removes dirt and dust molecules, returning clean air to your home and allowing you to breathe healthy.HSN Featured Product

The Ideal Solution for Everyday Messes

NeoVac’s powerful motor and touchless activation make it easy to tackle any household mess, from kitchen crumbs to pet hair.HSN Featured Product

Perfect for All Hard Floors

NeoVac is ideal for every hard floor. You sweep up the mess and NeoVac will do the rest!
Wood TileLaminateConcrete

How NeoVac Works

Sweep directly up to 
the front of the NeoVac
Infrared sensors detect debris
and instantly activate
Watch as NeoVac cleans
your floors instantly!

Cleaning Your Floors Just Got Easier

The NeoVac Elite is perfect for your kitchen, walkway, mud room, playroom or any room with hard flooring. This compact canister vacuum is ready for any mess your home might have. Handle dirt, dust, sand and more with ease! No training required, if you can use a broom you can use an NeoVac.HSN Featured Product
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Hands Free Activation

Always on and ready! Infrared sensors activate the vacuum automatically when sweeping near the unit.

Powerful Suction

1000 Watt motor removes 100% of dust, hair, & debris to clean your floors instantly and effectively.

Dual Filtration

NeoVac Elite is equipped with both pre-motor and exhaust filters that work together to return clean air to your home.

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